How do I change my story's cover photo?


Just published one of your first stories on Storify? You might be noticing the prominent treatment its cover photo gets at the top:

If you're wondering how to optimize your story's cover photo, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that might help:

How is my story's default cover photo chosen?

By default, Storify will automatically scan your story for the first "image element" available and make this the cover image of your story. Image elements can be things like:

• Images attached to Tweets embedded in the story

• Images whose links you've embedded directly via the "Embed URL" tool

• Video stills from things like embedded YouTube videos

• GIFs from Storify's GIF source

If nothing qualifying as an "image element" is found in your story, a default, "blank" cover photo will be used at the top.

How can I choose a new cover photo to use?

If you're logged in as the story's owner, you can change the cover photo of your story at any time. While viewing the published or "preview" version of your story, hover over any image element in it and select this option from the buttons that appear:


If your story has already been published, these would be the exact steps to perform:

• Log in to Storify
• Click on the story from your profile (or navigate to its published URL)
• Hover over the image you want to use as your story's cover photo, and click the image icon

If your story has not yet been published and is in "Draft" mode on your profile still, use these steps:

• Log in to Storify
• Click on the title of the draft story on your profile (taking you to the story in "preview" mode)
• Hover over the image you want to use as your story's cover photo, and click the image icon

How do I adjust my story's cover photo dimensions?

By design, the cover photo at the top of the story is responsive to any setup it's being viewed on. This means the size of the cover photo area and title/description at the top of the story will be optimized differently however your readers are viewing it -- a high-definition computer monitor, a laptop screen, a mobile phone, etc.

To see this for yourself, try opening your story in a window now and dragging/adjusting the size of the window or loading the story's URL on a mobile phone. You'll see this optimization occur instantly.

Because cover photos are automatically optimized this way, there is no ideal size for cover images, nor are cropping or dimension controls offered for the cover photo area.

I'm logged in, but I don't see the button for changing my story's cover photo anywhere. Why not?

There are a few reasons you might not see the image icon when hovering over elements in your story:

• The element you're hovering over might not be an "image" element (see the top of this article).

• You might be looking at the story in "Edit" mode. This option does not exist in the Storify story editor.

• You may have changed your story to another template, such as the Slideshow or Grid view. To see this option, use the "Template" button at the top of your story and switch back to the default "Story" view first:

I have a photo on my computer I'd like to use as a story's cover photo. How can I do this?

For copyright reasons, Storify does not allow images to be directly uploaded into stories (this means everything in a story can be attributed to its owner or where it's hosted on the web).

Because of this, any image you want to use as a story's cover photo will need to exist in the story as an "image element" first. An easy way to do this with photos on your computer is by using these steps:

• Upload the image from your computer to any common image sharing service (e.g.

• Copy/paste the image's hosted URL in the "Embed URL" source of the Storify story editor

ALTERNATIVE: Want a professional-looking photo in your story but don't have one available? Try the Getty Images source (more info here) in the Storify story editor.

I've tried everything above, but I'm still seeing an issue. Can I get  more help?

Sure! As with any issue or question related to your Storify account, you can get in-depth answers or specific troubleshooting tips for your setup by contacting Support. Just use the "submit a request" option at the top of this page or email us directly via

Thanks, and we hope this helps optimize your story's cover photo!

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