I want to connect a Facebook Page to my Storify account but it currently displays my personal Facebook account.


If you have a Twitter or Facebook account connected to your Storify profile, links to these will appear near the top of your Storify profile.

If you'd like to connect and display a Facebook Page to your Storify profile, follow these steps:

• In your internet browser, log out of both Storify.com and Facebook.com completely

• Log into Storify and go to the Connections area of Settings

• Use the "Connect Facebook account" button. You will be taken through steps for logging into Facebook and authorizing Storify to connect to your Facebook Page

Note: the Facebook account you connect has to be an admin for the Facebook Page prior to this step, or you will not see this authorization option.

• After the authorization step is complete, refresh the page on Storify

You will now see a dropdown area in the Connections area of account Settings on Storify allowing you to display a Facebook Page.


Troubleshooting Tips

• If you connected Facebook to Storify in the past and are having issues using this feature now, try disconnecting/reconnecting Facebook via the Connections area of Settings.

• In extreme cases, you might need to revoke an old Storify authorization from the Apps area of your Facebook account's settings, then try the steps above again.


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