I want to upload a photo from my computer on my Storify profile's cover or within a Storify story, but I don’t see an option to do so.


For copyright reasons, Storify does not allow images to be directly uploaded onto your profile or within Storify stories. This means everything on Storify can be attributed to its owner or where it's hosted on the web.

Because of this, any image you want to use as your profile cover photo will need to be hosted online somewhere first. An easy way to do this with photos on your computer is by following these steps:

  1. Upload the image from your computer to any common image sharing service (e.g. imgur.com)
  2. Copy/paste the image's hosted URL in the cover photo text box on your profile settings page

To add an image to a Storify story, use step 1 above to host the image somewhere, then simply copy/paste the image's URL into the "Embed URL" tool seen in Storify's story editor while creating your story.


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