What are my options for embedding Storify stories on Wordpress?


Storify stories can be embedded on many other websites, blogging platforms and within CMS tools. This is because Storify offers an embed code for your stories (click the Embed button at the top of your story while logged in to see this).

Storify's embed codes will place the story in an "iframe" in the area you paste them in, and are designed to work anywhere HTML is supported.

However, for security reasons, WordPress-hosted (Wordpress.com setups) no longer support embed codes like these unless they come from "whitelisted" sources. This means that if you're simply trying to copy/paste a Storify embed code into a new post on a WordPress.com setup, you most likely won't see it work.
Below are all the known options and info on using Storify with Wordpress:

Do you run a self-hosted (wordpress.org) blog? 

You have a couple options:

• Since Storify's embed codes are designed to work anywhere HTML is supported, try copy/pasting the embed code of your published story into a blog post. To find it, log into Storify and click the "Embed" button at the top of your story.

• If your custom WordPress setup isn't supporting the embedded Storify content, try installing the Storify WordPress plugin, which makes it simple to display your stories in a WordPress post: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/storify/

• If your WordPress theme is still blocking some of the Storify embed code's HTML, try a WordPress plugin which lets you use "unfiltered" HTML in your blog posts. Here's an example WordPress plugin which enables you to use unfiltered HTML in posts: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/user-role-editor/

• If you'd like to try the "raw HTML" of your Storify story in a post, click the button for seeing additional options (it looks like a "..." button) above your Storify story, then the "Export" button and the "HTML" option. You'll be taken to a view of your story in .html format. Right-click and choose "View Source" in your browser to see the story's raw HTML, and copy/paste that.

Do you run a WordPress-hosted (wordpress.com) blog? 

You will not be able to use Storify embed codes or HTML by default in posts. At the moment, your best options are to link to Storify stories from your posts or update to a self-hosted (wordpress.org) blog.

Are you a WordPress VIP?

As of March 2013, WordPress VIPs can embed or create Storify stories in their WordPress posts seamlessly using the Storify plugin for WordPress VIP:

If having issues with any of the options above or needing additional help with your customized WordPress setup, feel free to contact Support via support@storify.com


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