Why am I asked to connect Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to Storify?


If this is your first time using the Storify story editor, you might notice that a connection to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is required to search those areas and add their information to your Storify stories.

Storify searches these services via their "Search APIs." In 2013, the APIs of these services were changed so that any requests for their information (such as a search) must come from an "authorized" account.

This is why Storify requires you to connect (or "authorize") an account from these services in order to search their information.

Useful info about these connections:

• The authorization is only needed once

Every time you log into Storify after this, your authorization will be recognized, and you can jump right into creating new stories that use these sources.

• Any account will do

Did you already connect your personal Twitter or Instagram account to another Storify profile? Just use any other account you might have on hand (like a business or test account) if needing to access these sources.

• You can disconnect these accounts at any time

If you're worried about a personal social media account being connected to any of your Storify profiles, don't worry! You can disconnect these any time in the "Connections" area of Settings on Storify.

Questions or concerns about these connections? Feel free to contact us from the contact form above this article any time, and we'll be happy to help or provide more info.

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