FAQs about Storify Business


Years ago, Storify offered a subscription-based "Business" option for accessing premium features.


In late 2013, we began phasing out Business subscriptions in favor of a new professional product offering more powerful features, today known as Storify Enterprise. At the time this started, an email was sent to the address on file of all active Storify Business subscriptions with info about these phaseout plans.

Why remove Storify Business subscriptions?


As part of Livefyre's acquisition of Storify, the original announcement clarified that we had two immediate goals:


• Keep the "Free" Storify plan unchanged and available to everyone

• Merge Storify's multiple, paid "Business" tiers into one simple Enterprise offering


Livefyre has had incredible success with its free and enterprise options, so aligning Storify with their product strategy simplifies things for everyone involved and makes it easier for Storify to grow as part of Livefyre.

What if I was a subscriber to Storify Business?


The first step of this phaseout was to stop new Storify Business subscriptions from being created. The second phase was that "annual" subscribers could not renew their subscriptions for another year. Current Business subscribers can continue using professional features based on their active payment schedule until at least October 2014.


(UPDATE: This article was originally written in November of 2013. The phaseout of Storify Business subscriptions has been carried out, and accounts may see subscriptions end soon. If you are still an active Storify Business subscriber and need assistance with your account, please contact support via support@livefyre.com and reference this FAQ.)


Other questions original Storify Business subscribers may have:


I originally used Storify Business to customize the look of my embedded stories. What happens when my subscription ends or is phased out? Even when your Business subscription ends, we'll leave these customizations on for you for free so that older stories of yours don't suddenly look different on your site.


What if my site or business wants premium Storify features now? Storify has expanded its paid-for options and released "Storify Enterprise" recently. Anyone can get more info and contact us about these via the Storify Enterprise page.


Is there anyone I can contact about my Storify Business account?

If there's anything we can clarify or work with you on while Storify Business subscriptions are phased out, please let us know! Just use the "Submit a request" button at the top of this page now.

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