What is a Private Storify story?


Some Storify VIP accounts can create "Private" Storify stories.

When this option is enabled for your account, you'll see the option to make a private story every time you start a new one. You can also make any existing, public story of yours a private story if needed.

A Storify story that has been made private will get a new, secret URL that is randomly generated. Here's how Private stories work after that:

• Anyone who has the secret URL will be able to view the story without a login required, so be mindful of who you share Private story URLs with

• Private stories are not searchable in Storify or other search engines, and will not be visible on your Storify profile to others.

• Private stories can still be embedded on other sites by you, which means it will then be visible to anyone who has access to that site. (This can be useful for an internal company blog, a password-protected site, etc.)

• The private URL assigned to your story cannot be changed. Only public story URLs can be changed.
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