FAQs about Livefyre and Storify


FAQs about Livefyre and Storify

Livefyre’s StreamHub platform powers real-time conversation and social curation for more than 400 of the world’s largest brands and publishers. Storify helps more than 850,000 marketers and journalists at these same companies tell stories online using social content. Now, Livefyre has acquired Storify and plans to integrate it into it’s StreamHub platform to make Storify even better, while continuing to support Storify's free accounts. So what does this mean for you? 


 What does Storify do?

Storify is the leading social storytelling platform, enabling users to easily collect tweets, photos, videos and media from across the web to create stories that can be embedded on any website.  With Storify, anyone can curate stories from the social web to embed on their own site and share on the Storify platform. 


Why did Storify sell to Livefyre?

Livefyre’s strong financial backing and market presence will help Storify scale to meet enterprise customer demands, without changing the free product that everyone has grown to know and love. 


 How will Storify and Livefyre work together?

Livefyre will provide the technology foundation to help Storify scale to a real-time curation platform and meet larger enterprise customer demands, while continuing to support Storify’s rapidly growing free community. Just as Livefyre will always offer a free version of their commenting software, there will always be a free version of Storify.


 I love Storify the way it is. Is anything going to change?

Storify’s free product will continue to be offered as it is now, with no changes to the great service that you receive today. Over the coming months, we will be merging Storify’s multiple paid tiers into a single enterprise offering that will include brand new features such as single sign-on to create stories, centralized story and editor management, Storify galleries, user participation tools, and engagement analytics. All existing paid packages (Business and VIP) will continue to get the same great features they do today.


 What about my embedded stories, will those be affected?

Your embedded Storify stories will not be affected and will continue to display normally.


 Can I keep my free Storify account, or will there be a fee now?

Absolutely - you can keep your free Storify account, with no changes to the great service that you receive today. 


What will happen to my Storify Business or VIP account?

Existing Business and VIP customers will continue to have access to all the great features in their package tier. 


Can I use my Livefyre account to log in with Storify?

Not yet. For now you can only log in to Storify with your Storify account.

Will the look of the Storify platform change at all?

Everything will remain the same with the look and feel of the Storify site and app, however as with all products, there will be updates in the future to continue improving the experience of using Storify, both as a Story Creator and as a reader.


 Can I embed a Storify into a Livefyre application?

Yes, Storify stories can be embedded in Community Comments, LiveComments, LiveBlog, LiveChat, and LiveReviews. Just paste the URL of the story you want to embed and Livefyre will expand the story via Embedly.


 I have lots of great ideas about how Storify and Livefyre can work together. Where can I share them with you?

We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback, so be sure to share with us on the Storify forum page

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